Sparkle Green Vintage Century Lava Lamp Restoration with Yellow Wax and Blue Fluid

Sparkle Green Vintage Century Lava Lamp Restoration with Yellow Wax and Blue Fluid

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Ozone Gifts Presents: Lava Lamp Restorations

Here you are viewing a vintage lava lamp in restored painted condition. The base and cap first receive a chemical dip to remove the old paint, and then are sandblasted to remove rust and any remaining debris.
Afterwards they receive (sometimes up to four) coats of paint using various techniques, and applied professionally by industry experts with over 20 years in the trade.
The bases are reassembled using a brand new cord with a dimmer. This allows the user to adjust the heat the globe is receiving, thereby allowing control of the flow of lava.
The globes hold either vintage US wax and fluid, or a brand modern new mix. The vintage globes made in the United States have a completely different wax and fluid formulation, making them not only rarer but also flow far better than the currently available Chinese globes.
The wax in the globes that I refill myself is made using a proprietary mix of chemicals that resembles the original lava formula, but runs on a fluid composition of simple distilled water and soap. This is attractive to buyers as they are easily able to change the fluid color and replace it in the rare case the globe is shaken or dropped.

Quick Notes:

Model: Century
Lava Color: Yellow (Appears Green)
Lava Age: New
Fluid Color: Blue
Flow: Undulating
Clarity: Perfect
Height: 16.5"
Base Color: Green
Cord Color: Houndstooth

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