How to Fix a Lava Lamp

How to Repair a Lamp with OneShot

There are a few different states that your lava lamp might be in before you choose to begin fixing your lamp. Your lamp may have cloudy fluid, low fluid level, or even no flow at all. These conditions can easily be remedied using my OneShot product line! Before you begin, you want to make sure you fill your lamp with the correct fluid. You can refer to this website from our good friends at Lava Library to help date your lamp. After you have confirmed you have the correct bottle, you can proceed to the fun part of fixing your lamp:

  1. First, remove the old “master fluid” from the lava lamp and save it until you’ve completed the repair. Removing the fluid will require you to either unscrew the bottle top (older, vintage models) or pop off the bottle cap on the top of the glass globe.
  2. If the globe has wax stuck to the sides of the globe, the process becomes slightly more arduous. More information about the process of rectifying stuck wax, click here. 
  3. With the bottle tilted to avoid bubble formation, tilt and fill the globe with your mixed gallon of OneShot. An easy way to gauge how much fluid to use is to place the metal or plastic cap on top of the globe to visualize the water level.
  4. Recap the lava lamp by pressing on a new metal cap (found here) or by simply screwing the top back on the globe.
  5. Turn your lamp on and wait for the magic to begin