Replacement Plug for 27" Grande Lava Lamp Repair (1pk)

Replacement Plug for 27" Grande Lava Lamp Repair (1pk)

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Sealed Once More

Use these handy plugs to replace a missing or worn rubber plug that originally come with the grandes!


  1. Heat Grande normally to maximum operating temperature (~125°F)
  2. Use included twisty-tie to make a small gap between the new plug and the walls of the grande opening. This effectively "burps" the lamp, releasing any back-pressure created by inserting the new plug.
  3. Immediately Turn Off Lamp, and allow the lamp to cool fully back to room temperature (~75°F). The lamp will cool, creating a powerful vacuum for the cap to secure itself with.
  4. Take the metal cap that originally came atop the original grande plug, and crimp it back into place using  a pair of pliers.
  5. Turn your grande on without the metal hat on, and heat it to operating temperature (~125°F) to test your work. If the cap does not pop out, you're all set!



Note: These plugs do not work in the Chicago "Giant" variants, which have a black heat-shrink wrap around a plastic cap instead of a rubber plug.