OneShot™ Lava Lamp Repair Fluid Concentrate
OneShot™ Lava Lamp Repair Fluid Concentrate

OneShot™ Lava Lamp Repair Fluid Concentrate

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Fix Your Cloudy Lava Lamp in OneShot™

Turn a gallon of distilled water into crystal clear lamp fluid in minutes. Repair your vintage or modern Lava Lamp and enjoy the flow the way it was meant to be viewed! I spent years concocting this perfectly balanced blend, and above all, I'm wildly excited to share with you a stable and consistent product that works every time!

There are new variants of master fluid to choose from, so choose carefully!

 OneShot™ Modern is compatible with all chinese-made motion lamps including: LAVA, Lava Lab Creations, Lipan, and lamps with wax newer than 2014.

OneShot™ Modern Grande is compatible with Grande lamps made after 2013, including the Heritage Grandes.

OneShot™ Midyear is a formula intended to repair LAVA Lamps made between 2003-2013. These lamps appear to have a different formula that has a few variations within it. For that reason, each Midyear Bottle comes with a bottle of OneShot Up in order to compensate for the differences between batches.

OneShot™ Vintage will work for Lava Lite / Haggerty Enterprises lamps made from 1970 through late 2002.

 OneShot™ Magma Tower is compatible with all wax made by the legends at Magma Tower.

OneShot™ Giant requires a phone consultation to ensure your lamp is dated and ready for restoration. It is a special formula for a very special lamp!

OneShot™ Low Wax Century will work for Lava-Simplex Lamps with notably lower wax. This is gen 1 wax. If you believe you have a low wax century, select this option and I will give you a call.

Repair your cloudy lamp with no tinkering or guesswork involved. Simply replace the old fluid with your freshly mixed restoration fluid, flip the switch, and enjoy!

How to Prepare a Gallon of OneShot

  1. Pour out 2.75 cups of water from a gallon of distilled water (not included)
  2. Pour the Lamp Restoration Fluid into the gallon of water.
  3.  Mix well with a clean stirrer for 5 minutes to blend OneShot™ into the gallon. It's imperative to homogenize the contents of the bottle into the gallon fully.
  4. You now have a full gallon of master fluid to use! Stick the included "Do Not Drink" sticker on the gallon to prevent accidental consumption.
  5. Fix some lamps!

How to Repair Your Grande Lamp:

  1. Mark the water level of your grande with a marker
  2. Pour out the cloudy liquid from your Grande.
  3. Rinse the walls and wax puck of the grande with a stream of water and pour out again.
  4. Fill Grande globe halfway with distilled water.
  5. Slowly add entire bottle of OneShot™ to the globe.
  6. Finish filling grande to the fill line.